Uncompromising comfort and unwavering security form the foundation of AVATON's superior living spaces.
Experience the gentle caress of the breeze, undisturbed by unwanted guests.
Open a window to a boundless horizon at the touch of a button, while feeling completely safeguarded.
Immerse yourself in unparalleled tranquility and relaxation, a realm exclusively offered by AVATON Elements.



Sealer represents the pinnacle of security within AVATON Frameless Systems.
In line with our philosophy of invisible frames, we have developed a specialized multi-point locking system that harnesses the inherent advantages of AVATON Frameless Systems.
Boasting an elegantly minimalist design and discreet electronic markings, the Sealer Pro automatically engages at the push of a button, providing heightened protection, even with the Standard Sealer model from the series.
The Sealer Pro stands as the epitome of electronic multipoint locking systems.


Your indoor environment seamlessly extends to the outdoors. Fresh air circulates like a gentle breeze, devoid of unwelcome intruders.
This is the definition of relaxation.
This ethereal ambiance is evoked by the NET Systems series of protective screens.
With completely invisible frames and fully bespoke construction, NET SYSTEMS provides discreet protection against insects, all the while preserving your unimpeded view.
The unique materials used in our protective screens ensure longevity and durability against varying weather conditions

The series comes in two models based on your specific needs and the AVATON Frameless System of your choosing
Manual Horizontal: This model seamlessly retracts sideways
Vertical Electrical: This model retracts upwards.

Both systems remain entirely invisible.



Each Element must wholly embody the AVATON philosophy.
With this in mind, we designed AVATON SunGuard, our premier line of sophisticated shading solutions that provide fully adjustable solar shading.

The winding mechanism, fully integrated with state-of-the-art technologies, ensures maximum safety while offering the smoothest and near silent operation.

However, what truly sets SunGuard Systems apart is the AVATON-designed drivers, rendering them completely invisible when not in use. This ensures that the exterior aesthetic of your building remains undisturbed, while indoors you can relish a completely unobstructed view, true to the AVATON style."



Introducing the inaugural series of rolling shutters from AVATON. These shutters exhibit exceptional resistance to all weather conditions, offering unparalleled durability and ensuring maximum security, especially in areas with specific requirements. Furthermore, they shield against intense solar radiation.

The superior quality materials of AVATON and their excellent construction design contribute significantly to sound insulation, fostering a tranquil environment. The technologically advanced electric winding mechanism, paired with their sophisticated mechanical design, results in almost silent operation with completely controlled opening and closing speeds.

The minimalist design philosophy of AVATON also permeates the AVATON ROLLERS series. Even in instances of large surface areas, where special heavy-duty AVATON ROLLERS are installed, the frames remain entirely invisible.
Aesthetic appeal, functionality, protection —a triumvirate of success embodied by AVATON ROLLERS.

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